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Focused on English is a multi-functional centre providing a full range of English services. Born from a passion for the English language, at Focused on English, we believe in the magic and power of words and use this to bring our clients’ work to life. We are experts in the field with more than 25 years in the industry. From personal and online tutoring to transcriptions that perfectly capture the tone of your conversation, we work closely with our clients to ensure the delivery of quality products. 

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Our company delivers accurate and confidential transcripts of the highest quality. What sets our transcription services aside from others is that besides perfect grammar and spelling, we strive to ensure that the transcript captures the tonality of the conversation.

We’ve worked with students, universities and small businesses to accurately record and encapsulate their interviews, meetings and conferences.

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Having quality content is key to attracting new customers and maintaining current ones. Our experienced team will tailor-make content to suit your brand’s creative marketing needs.

The solutions we offer extend beyond blogs and memos; we also specialize in the creation of training material for small and large businesses. Chat to us about creating and customizing a training package for your company that is notable and unique. 

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It is a noteworthy achievement to complete the first draft of any document, book or thesis. It is, however, easy for writers to get caught in the process and overlook errors, which makes editing an essential step in completing your project.

Before you submit your written work for inspection or publishing, we provide a professional editing service that will guarantee that it is grammatically sound, and devoid of spelling errors, major logical flaws or repetition.

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Our English support services go above and beyond in offering expert assistance to those learning English as a first or second language.

Lessons are taught in-person or online, with content customized to suit the client’s level and interests. In addition, we offer support with English correspondence and test preparation.

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